This page will provide some guidance regarding how the interactive sessions are organized. While many of you are already very experienced at presenting conference papers, for others, it is new. In either case, we hope that you will find these suggestions helpful.

Interactive Paper Sessions are held in a roundtable format and are intended to be genuinely interactive in nature (among all participants). To achieve this objective, presenters will not be permitted to make a formal presentation with PowerPoint or overhead slides. 

Instead, each presenter will have 5-7 minutes (depending on the number of papers in the session) to briefly outline the main ideas and key contributions of their paper. This will be followed by a conversation and discussion among all presenters, the session chair, and other attendees. 


Prior to the conference, your session chair should e-mail all papers in the session to you. To create the best session possible, please read all the papers ahead of time. This way, each presenter can attempt in their presentation to link their papers to the other presentations for a more cohesive and stimulating session. We also ask that you remain in the session in which you are presenting for the entire session, as a courtesy to the other speakers.


Most sessions are 75 minutes, and many interactive sessions have 5-7 presenters. Unfortunately, given these very tight constraints, we can only afford to allow presenters 5-7 minutes in which to briefly outline the main ideas and key contribution of their papers. 

To maintain the interactive nature of the session, and to ensure enough time for feedback to all authors, the time limit will be strictly enforced

If you go over your time, you are unfairly taking time away from others. So, please keep to these time limits as closely as possible. The session chair will control the time for all the presenters and ask you to stop if you run over the limit. 

Focus only on the main research questions and findings of the paper and not include a discussion of sample, methods, etc. 

The presentations in the session should be structured as a conversation (i.e., short talks and highly interactive), not as a sequence of monologues and stimulate discussion among participants on common themes that cut across the individual presentations. So, read all papers in your session in advance and be prepared for an engaging conversation with colleagues who are struggling with the same research issues as you. 


Presenters should arrive 10 minutes BEFORE the session starts. Your prompt arrival helps ensure that the session can start on time. We suggest you give your session chair contact details where you can be reached should an emergency occur; if you are unable to attend the session, please let your session chair know as soon as possible.