Teaching in the Digital Age

AIB – Southeast 2021


Join Workshop Leader: Dr. Roberto Garcia

As universities pivot between on campus, in classroom and online course modality, faculty are challenged with creating effective courses for both.  Dr. Roberto Garcia shares his experience and the four (4) key ingredients for enabling student success.

  1. Characteristics of the instructor
  2. Interactions between instructor and students
  3. Organization of the course
  4. Use of the Learning Management System

This 90 minute workshop is sure to provide teaching tips which can be readily applied.

More about Dr. Robert Garcia:

Pedagogy Workshop Speaker

Dr. Robert Garcia

Dr. Garcia has received several honors and awards for his contributions to international business teaching and service. For example, in 2021 he received the Dr. James E. Mumford Excellence in Extraordinary Teaching Award. In 2018 he was awarded the Kelley Service Award. In 2015 he received the “Elvin S. Eyster Teaching Scholar Award” and was a finalist for the “Innovative Teaching Award.” In 2013 he received the Indiana University Trustees Teaching Award for overall teaching quality. In 2010 he was the recipient of the Kelley Direct “Teaching Excellence Award.” He was also recognized for the 2010 “Kelley Service Award” for contributions to international business teaching and programming. He has also been recognized several times as a “Favorite Professor” by several scholar-athletes at Indiana University.  Dr. Garcia is currently instrumental in the Global Foundations Core undergraduate program curriculum. Beginning in Spring of 2013, he began teaching a required Global Business Environments course to all Kelley undergraduates. Garcia also regularly teaches several Kelley Undergraduate and MBA courses involving travel abroad.

Dr. Garcia’s previous research is strongly focused on Organizational Effectiveness in a variety of industries and settings. His past international research focused on Foreign Direct Investment and the management and organizational effectiveness of Multinational Corporations. His research has been field-based and oriented toward improving organizational practice in emerging economies and international restructuring in the NAFTA environment. Professor Garcia is interested in the effective organizational learning that can improve a firm’s overall competitiveness. An industry expert, he has written and published on such topics as: Organizational Learning and Competitiveness in Mexico’s Automotive Industry, the diffusion of “lean production” at Ford, Nissan, and Volkswagen in Mexico, International Labor Migration, and Human Capital Investment and Competitive Advantage. He is also involved in computer-assisted teaching methods that incorporate the World Wide Web, video conferencing, and other internet sources to enhance his students’ learning.