Research Methods

Dr. Guangzhi Shang is the Jim Moran Associate Professor of Business Administration in the Department of Business Analytics, Information Systems and Supply Chain at Florida State University’s College of Business.  His research has two primary themes: Customer returns management and service labor issues.  Both themes are extremely relevant in the global business environment. In addition to these two themes, his ongoing research covers cutting-edge topics including blockchain technology, such as Bitcoin; crowdsourcing platforms such as Kickstarter; new revenue management technologies  such as standby upgrade; to name a few.

Guangzhi enjoys conducting practice-driven research.  He co-produces a column, View from Academia, in the Reverse Logistics Magazine, aimed at disseminating fresh-off-the-press academic knowledge among industry professionals dealing with consumer returns.

Workshop Chair

Dr. Guangzhi Shang

  • Jim Moran Associate Professor of Business Administration
  • Editorial Board, Journal of Operations Management (Empirical Research Methods Department)
  • 2018 Best Reviewer Award, Journal of Operations Management
  • 2019 Outstanding Reviewer Award, Decision Sciences

College of Business, Florida State University