Interactive Pedagogy Workshop:


 AIB-SE 2022

Join Workshop Leaders:

Tamer Cavusgil, Georgia State University

 Mourad Dakhli, Georgia State University


The practice of international business continues to evolve in the current environment mega disruptions and much uncertainty. For international business educators, the changing environment of cross-border business implies new and novel approaches to educating the next generation of business leaders.  Among other things, business educators need to reflect new realities including: risk management, trade conflicts, increased polarization, and the repercussions of a prolonged recession.

Yet, our teaching must be relevant, engaging, and innovative.  The new generation of students, both undergraduate and graduate, provides new challenges for educators. How can we share the excitement of an interconnected global economy with our students? How can we best connect and communicate with them via such pedagogical approaches as: experiential exercises and projects; web-based learning; videos; and cases and exercises?

The presenters will share experience and teaching tools that have been especially developed for IB educators.

Tamer: Teaching the Introductory Course in International Business: What is New and What Remains the Same

Tamer will focus on: (a) “what” – content; (b) “how” — pedagogy; and (c) “resources” – for teaching international business. How and what we teach remains the same and, at the same time, also changes. Focus is on the introductory, survey course in international business – now a part of the core curriculum in most BBA programs. Alternative course syllabi for this course will also be shared with the participants.

Mourad: Building Impactful IB Experiences Through Virtual Exchange

Mourad will discuss designing and implementing signature experiential activities to develop cross-cultural competencies through virtual exchange. During times characterized by pandemic-driven disruptions and other uncertainties, well-crafted, technology-enabled international collaborative projects can be impactful ways to weave IB experiential learning into the curriculum. We will discuss three cases of virtual exchange projects to highlight challenges and best practices. The first project leverages global innovation platforms with partners in Morocco. The second, completed in collaboration with a university in Tunisia, focuses on developing undergraduate IB research skills. The third with South Africa sees students serve as IB consultants identifying emerging trends in the IB landscape with implications for exporting SMEs.

 Ilke: Instructional Technology for Teaching International Business

Ilke will discuss the use of digital platforms in the classroom. She will specifically show how to integrate Pinterest, Pocket, Flipboard, EdPuzzle, Padlet, and Microsoft OneNote into teaching. Pocket is a personal library. Flipboard and other news apps are the sources of this library. Pinterest includes individual folders where the class-related news articles can be collected and organized by chapters of the course subject. EdPuzzle is a good platform to create video-quizzes. Padlet is a user-friendly, real-time collaborative discussion board. Microsoft OneNote is a digital note-taking app and can be utilized for creating a course diary.


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Speaker for Pedagogy Workshop

Dr. S. Tamer Cavusgil


 S. Tamer Cavusgil has been teaching international business/marketing for more than three decades. His professional interests encompass global strategy, early internationalization, emerging markets, exporting, and pedagogy. Cavusgil is currently Regents’ Professor, Fuller E. Callaway Professorial Chair, and Executive Director, Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER), at the Institute of International Business, Robinson College of Business, Georgia State University. Tamer is an elected Fellow of the Academy of international Business, and the senior author of International Business: The New Realities, 5th Ed., Pearson, 2020, and Doing Business in Emerging Markets, 3rd Edition, Sage Publications, 2021.



Dr. Mourad Dakhli

Dr. Mourad Dakhli

Mourad Dakhli is a Clinical Professor of International Business at Georgia State University and serves as the Director of the Master of International Business. He teaches international business and related, courses and leads faculty development programs at several schools in Africa, Europe, and Asia. Dr. Dakhli is the recipient of the 2020 GSU Instructional Innovation Award and the 2021 Robinson College of Business Teaching Excellence award. His research focuses on human & social capital, the scholarship of teaching and learning, experiential learning in international business, and the case method. He is currently leading a Department of Education project to develop student cross-cultural competencies through virtual exchange with several institutional partners in Africa.