AIB-SE is seeking proposals from host schools wishing to host future AIB-SE meetings. We welcome applications from any university (or a consortium of universities) within the AIB-SE geographic area which includes the southeastern United States and extends as far west as Texas.

Local Host Benefits

  1. University Exposure – AIB-SE typically attracts 200-300 participants from all corners of the world. The AIB-SE conference is a great way to show off your university and local culture to a global audience.
  2. Student Recruitment – AIB-SE attracts a sizable number of undergraduate and master’s students that are searching for future graduate school opportunities.
  3. Faculty Recruitment – Attendees at AIB-SE are primarily faculty as well as doctoral students who have submitted papers for competitive and interactive sessions.
  4. Research Development – Hosting the AIB-SE conference at your university provides a great opportunity to increase faculty involvement in global business research and education.
  5. Conference Theme – AIB-SE welcomes input from the host school regarding the topical theme of the conference so that a theme can be chosen that is of interest to the host school.
  6. Increasing connections to your business community – Panel sessions at the conference can accommodate local corporate or government leaders. Keynote speakers will also need to be identified for the conference and can provide an opportunity for someone in your network if they can provide insight into their industry.
  7. Corporate sponsorship of the X-Culture student competition – Provides a way to highlight a local corporation as 50 students from around the world descend on your city to conduct a case/project competition for their firm. This is a tightly controlled competition where the firm can decide the project focus, and benefits from the output of 10+ competing teams.

Local Host Obligations

  1. Sponsorship – The host school is critical to the success of the AIB-SE. In prior years, the host school (e.g. Florida State University and University of Texas at San Antonio) have sponsored the conference with $10,000. Additionally, the host school and AIB-SE organizing committee will work jointly to develop attractive sponsorship opportunities for interested parties.
  2. Support Staff – A person at the host school is assigned primary responsibility for host school activities. This includes identifying the meeting venue, handle the logistics with the hotel, and plan site visits to locations of interest in the area (e.g. factory tours, x-culture partner, etc.). During the conference, the host school must provide a number of student or staff volunteers to assist AIB-SE with check-in, on-site registration and other logistical activities. The host school staff will work in close coordination with the AIB-SE organizing committee. A host school representative (or two) should attend the prior AIB-SE meeting in order to learn how an AIB-SE meeting is run.

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