Exec Board Nominations

Submit Your Nominations

Deadline for Nominations September 2, 2022

Nominee Requirements

We seek nominations (including self-nominations) of candidates who are interested in contributing to the future growth of AIB-SE, working in a dynamic and ambitious organization, and eager to help grow the field of IB. AIB-SE Board membership is a significant time commitment. Therefore, if you have any questions prior to submitting your nomination, please contact Jun Wu at jwu1@ggc.edu and include “AIB-SE Election Question” in your subject heading.

Nomination Process

Submit nominations, including a brief biography (200-word max) of your qualifications (this will be used on the ballot), by September 2, 2022,  to Jun Wu at  jwu1@ggc.edu. Should you want your photo on the ballot, please include this, too. After receiving nominations, the AIB-SE  election committee will contact individual nominees to confirm their willingness to run and clarify the expectations and responsibilities of the office, before placing names on the election ballot.